Why Politicians Lie – Excerpt

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Why Politicians Lie

No Conscience, No Guilt, No Shame


Why has it become acceptable behavior for so many politicians to lie, deceive and fabricate falsehoods to hide their real motives and purposes and attack opponents instead of discussing issues?

This study documents how politicians gain prestige, power and profit from lies, deceptions and fabrication of falsehoods against opponents. That is why they keep doing it! 

Why do so many of the people in all aspects of the news and entertainment media condone, encourage and even contribute to the lies, deceptions and fabrications of falsehood against anyone who disagrees with their political agenda? They also gain prestige, power, promotion and money and why they keep doing it! 

Such people have no viable conscience, no guilt, no shame, no human remorse and no concept of future, only inadequate perceptions. They accept lies and deceits as maneuvers to achieve success.   Congress has become a liars’ club trained by an academia dominated by camouflage atheists!

This study abstract provides basic, easy to understand  answers that are scientifically documented and explain the two most revolutionary concepts of human behavior. The first is THE HANDICAP PRINCIPLE, A Missing Piece of Darwin’s Puzzle, by Amotz and Avishag Zahavi (Oxford Press, 1997), which documented altruism, which is not possible under Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The STATUS  TENSION  CONCEPT, Myths, Absurdities and Realities of Violence, by Arthur Moczygemba,  is an ongoing study begun in 2000, based on the Handicap Principle. The first results were publish in May 2010, originating a specific, objective and universal definition of violence. It also originated and provided details on how and why living creatures, including humans, change conscious and unconscious behavior.

This comprehensive study originates the specific definition of a conscience as distinguished from inherent developed and cultural altruism. It also explains when a conscience is viable and the level needed to overcome great temptations and major adversities.

Behavioral professionals do not have a specific definition of a conscience and use various profiles to define and determine mental illness, delusions, sanity, insanity, sociopaths and psychopaths. This leads to great debate on the credentials of various professionals, especially in the courts.

This 74-page study outlines various fears of exposing popular views, facts and common sense as myths, delusions and absurdities. Mostly, why it is so difficult to admit being wrong and losing face.

This study explains why communists, socialists, Fascists, Islamist, dictators and anarchists are camouflage atheists who often cooperate and support each other to defeat a common enemy: the doctrine, principles and structure of the Declaration of Independence and the Democratic Republic of the United States of America.  Individual responsibility and accountability is the  foundation American principle. 

Highlights of the study also include the five basic motives of behavior; the five concepts of humility (achieving reality); and that consequences are the stepping stones on the path of life.

Keep an open mind and follow the text. This is not a quick read with bumper sticker answers. You may find this study to be an emotional and spiritual survival guide cope with the growing discontent, hatred and violence in America.

Love, serenity, gratitude and peace.