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Arch of understandingCamouflage atheists are people who do not believe humans have an immortal Soul with accountability in the hereinafter for mortal (earthly) behavior. They camouflage their purpose in life of seeking pleasure, pomp and power and camouflage what or who they worship, usually self (ego). They have  no conscience, no guilt, no shame, no remorse, no concept of future (delusional, no choice altruism, without humility).



New Altruism Study

Altruism is a significant trait, component and concept in understanding human behavior, especially its role in reducing child abuse and other violence.

Pioneer child psychologist Jean Piaget defined three stages of an ageless process, based on inherent and choice altruism, in which infants start to gain sufficient emotional maturity so that by puberty they can deal with life on life’s terms as they enter adulthood.

There is a major difference between altruism and  viable conscience.  Both are defined and discussed in this study.
People convinced humans have evolved from another species such as primates are camouflage atheists with no viable conscience, no guilt, no shame.







Why Politicians Lie

Lists motives for politicians to lie, deceive. . .
Originates specific definitions of a conscience . . .
Answers questions on violence . . .

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